The platform for permission management.

Create roles and access rights for your applications and let developers perform permission checks with ease.

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Hierarchical permission tree
Define hierarchical permissions that can be implicitly inherited from parent objects.
Assign permissions to single users or manage users in groups and assign permissions to them.
Custom roles
Allow your users to create custom roles with custom sets of access rights per tenant.
Give or deny access to your system based on Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
Permissions are scoped to one tenant, so a user might have different access rights in different tenants.
Low latency
Permission Check latency is critical. Our Cloud Service responds below 300ms on the 99th percentile.

A development experience like no other.

Define your permissions in the developer portal and you are ready to go. All you need to do is to inform our backend about permission changes and check a user's permissions on an object with a single call to our APIs or via our SDKs.

Programming language agnostic

Integrates in all frameworks

Integrate through SDKs or REST APIs

Hosted in the Space Blocks Cloud

Space Blocks Cloud

We host our offerings for you on a secure, and scalable cloud platform to take load from your own infrastructure and ensure high availability for your critical workloads.

Based on Google's Zanzibar Research Paper

Building a permission management system is so complex that in 2020 Google published a research paper about the numerous challenges and complexity they faced when implementing a global permission system for YouTube, Google Drive and Google Photos.

Space Blocks Permissions is an implementation of the Google Zanzibar Research Paper.

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